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Camping Trips

Wild camping opens up a different world to that of traditional camp-site camping.  Scotland is unique in its approach to wild camping access and with some exceptions*, we have the freedom to roam and camp almost anywhere.  On high hills, in remote glens or deserted west coast beaches, we can find a breath-taking view or sunset for you. (weather dependent!) 

* Permits are needed in a managed camping zone around Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park from    1st March - 30th  September.  

  Some privately own areas/estates will display No Camping signs, please always respect these.

Carrying everything you need for an over night or multi day trip on your back, we can head into the hills for a hike, find a camp spot and settle down to cook our evening meal before bunking down for the night.

Remote locations let you enjoy star filled skies, amazing unspoiled sunsets and hear the sounds of the Scottish wildlife.  We can visit the great wilderness of the Fisherfield Forest (which isn't a forest!), west coast hills around Argyle that give fantastic views to the setting sun or camp on top of the vast Cairngorm Plateau.  Visit remote beaches and fall asleep to the sound of the waves.  


We also spend time on camp craft.  How to pack efficiently for wild camping. Choosing a good camp spot, where not to camp and why.  The impact of weather on the trip. Calls of nature. Lighting open fires, how to manage them and when not to have them.  Flora and fauna, midges and ticks and the problems they bring.  We can discuss the environmental impact of camping in this way and how we can we Leave no Trace, ensuring a continued great experience for those who follow.

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