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Navigation is a key skill to learn before heading to the Scottish mountains.

Learn essential skills for finding your way around safely in the beautiful Scottish hills and mountains.

Get in touch about arranging a beginners course.

What's involved in our navigation courses.

Courses are aimed at anyone who has little or no experience navigating in the outdoors and can be done over 1 or 2 days.


We will look at grid refs to find different points on the map.  How to orientate a map then take a bearing from the map using the compass.


Estimate distance on the ground using timing and pacing over 100m.


Talk about uses of GPS on your phone and outdoor etiquette.


We will  use what we've learned and put into practice on a walk.


As this is an outdoor course, please have suitable foot wear and warm, waterproof clothing. Please also bring food, water and a hot drink.

Cost is normally £40 pp per day.

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